Monthly Insights subscription service

Here you will find the subscription options for our Monthly  Insights product. These reports are a review and analysis of major  events that have occurred in the People's Republic over a calendar  month. The purpose of these reports is to provide the reader with a  comprehensive understanding of the pertinent issues at hand  concerning China over any given month, as well as to equip the reader  with a lens by which to view and assess the changes in the country. The Monthly Insights are more in-depth and detailed than their shorter Insights counterparts that are free. Both free articles and current issue's table of content are available here.

Cercius Group's Monthly  Insights comprise our analysis of how news breaking events impact the  wider socio-political and socio-economic landscape in the People's  Republic. Our analysis will focus on political events - including  internal Party politics - financial and economic news - including data  reporting, regulatory events, and policy announcements -   as well as  major episodes in international relations that affect/involve China. 

The  Monthly Insights product will be delivered to the client on the last  working day of each calendar month. Concurrently, Cercius Group will  also provide flash updates of any breaking news that we deem to have a  crucial or immediate impact on China. These updates seek to alert and  advise the client on sudden changes in the country by providing a  high-level analysis of the event and how it relates to the wider  national situation. Similarly, we would also accept client requests to  analyze any piece of news or event in the form of a flash update. These  updates will be sent in an email format.

Please  note that the Monthly Insights product and flash updates will be  delivered in English by default. They can also be delivered in French,  but requires a pre-transactional agreement between Cercius Group and the  recipient. 

Simply contacts us at to register for a paying client account.