Political maps

Maps for reference

Cercius Group's political maps are our most  sought after product. These maps detail the relationship between the  Party's senior officials, as well as those of lower ranks. The maps seek  to provide the reader with an understanding of the factions within the  Party, as well as which factions control which key government/Party  bodies. Most importantly, these political maps demonstrate alliances  between various officials, as well as how single officials are placed  within a wider factional structure.

Upon  the purchase of a single map, Cercius Group provides the buyer with a  map key, which can be used to acquire updates to the map.  


MAP purchasing

Please contact us at info@cerciusgroup.com in order to purchase one or several maps.

Downloadable maps are uploaded blank and are for demonstration purposes only.

Purchases made via our online payment service are subjected to transaction fees and sales taxes