the Vision packages

Additional Information

This is Cercius Group's essential package for  veteran political analysts and close observers of China. This package  equips the reader with full access to both the Monthly Insights and  Political Maps, as well as additional tables, graphics and its  annotations, which all keep track movements and changes within China's  Party-State structure. 

The  Vision Package (Basic) is only offered as an annual subscription. This package  contains a one-year subscription to our Monthly Insights, all of the  Political Maps produced to the date of the subscription's purchase - as  well as all subsequent updates. 

The Vision Package (Premium) contains all of the  products contained in the basic package, and is further supplemented by tables, charts, graphics and their annotations. The information contained in these additional pieces come directly from the frontlines of our internal research division, and help to gain a better  under-the-hood view of changes occurring in China's Party-State  apparatus.

The Vision Packages' annual subscription has to be directly ordered from