About us

Headquartered in Montreal, Cercius Group is a geopolitical intelligence and strategy consulting firm founded in 2019.


Through our bespoke analysis and advisory services, Cercius Group helps enterprises, governments and international organizations understand, navigate, and hedge their exposures to high-risk and low-transparency jurisdictions. 

In particular, we specialize in consulting on all matters related to the People’s Republic of China. Whether it be political leadership transitions, shifts in the country’s macroeconomic structure, or how certain firms and sectors interact with the country’s overall political-economic landscape, our team is equipped with both the linguistic and professional capabilities to analyze and provide unparalleled advice. 

Notably, we have developed and continue to maintain an unprecedented database which contains the profiles of thousands of cadres in the Chinese Communist Party. This database allows us to track the career movements and promotability of these cadres. In turn, we can better forecast political turnovers in the People’s Republic and advise clients on shifts in the country’s political undercurrents.

In addition to helping clients better understand the People’s Republic, our team is also bolstered by specialists on the regions of Africa and Southeast Asia. We can likewise provide our services for clients with exposures to these regions.