Why cercius?

Painting you a picture of domestic and international political considerations ex ante


All political events eventually emerge and disrupt the economy. The rapid expansion in globalization following the collapse of the Soviet Union has created a multi-polar world that is unprecedented. Economies are no longer isolated; politics are no longer sovereign; and localized events are now chained together and ripple across the global political and economic landscape – giving rise to risks that affect all actors on the field.


A case in point is the ongoing anti-corruption campaign in the People’s Republic of China. A seemingly solely political has led to the collapse and reconstruction of entire sectors in the Chinese economy – with notable international consequences such as the regulatory takeover of the Anbang insurance group. Similarly, this campaign has seen the dismantling of extensive rent-seeking networks in one province, and simultaneously gave birth to a systemic banking crisis affecting local credit default rates in other regions. The reshuffling of the political and industrial elite in the Middle Kingdom can alter the course of reforms or lead to a sudden confrontation with another sovereign state. All political events – in our current era – has extensive unintended consequences across sectors, regions, and countries.


Our team of analysts understand these predicaments and is able to underline and examine the relationship between multiple variables that can impact short and long-term political and economic environments.


Our team’s work, which is data informed and solution-driven, aims at anticipating conjectures, providing foresight on slower moving processes or cycles already in motion in specific political environments and seek to identify potential issues that could affect the interests of our clients. Most importantly, Cercius Group excels at contextualizing complex and interdependent issues based on our research proficiency in order to provide strategic analysis for you to function in all eventualities.